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Anita’s Interiors was started about 28 years ago, under the hand of Ingrid Anita Meyer.  She started designing and curtain making on her bedroom floor at home!  Her interior design studio has grown substantially from those humble beginnings and today it is an established and reputable manufacturer of bespoke and tailored professional furnishings. She specialises in custom-made soft furnishings, unique furniture, utilising only the best quality hardware soft furnishings as well as function. All her fabrics are especially selected and made up for maximum impact.

Ingrid Meyer, owner and designer has a unique talent for colour and function. She has a hands-on approach, and manufactures and installs to her highest personal standard. Her creativity and knowledge in design and space creation is sought after.

As both a designer and craftswoman, Anita’s Interiors are experts in translating your individual tastes and needs into a unique product that will last for years to come. She uses a wide range of materials for our finishes and fittings. Her all-inclusive service comprises everything from planning through to installation and beyond.

She designs and manufactures to your specification, with a focus on contemporary design, ergonomic function and high-end detailing. Everything she produces is individually handcrafted at her factory/workshop in Johannesburg. There are no standard materials, styles or sizes, and each of our designs and products are unique.

Many companies describe their approach as bespoke, but only permit modification of colours, finishes and details, and not the fundamentals. The resulting products are therefore limited to standardised designs, components or unit sizes. In contrast, she operates her own workshop and is fully equipped to customise every detail of what she designs and produces. She gives full range to your imagination and can accommodate virtually any specification, no matter how unique or sophisticated. 

Integrated Interior Design

We want all of our clients to experience the impressive level of skill and professionalism of Ingrid Meyer when working with Anita’s Interiors. All of our services, especially integrating the full spectrum of design in a space makes your life and home more beautiful. You can trust us to provide everything you need in order to produce truly exceptional designs and interiors.

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