Up-cycling your beloved pieces

Up-cycling your beloved furniture pieces

As an interior designer, I am always encouraged when clients ask me about up-cycling their well-loved and used furniture. One of my passions in decorating is to see “what I can do with what I have” – and the result is always gratifying for both the client and myself.

It is everyone’s responsibility to try and reduce the (negative) carbon footprint impact in the environment through the everyday human activities and behavior. In a small way, we can all do this when interior decorating our homes, offices and spaces that we occupy. Viridescent is the word that is currently being used for this – meaning “green or becoming green.”

There was a time when “brand new” furnishings were the peak of sophistication and the sole approach to interior design. However, secondhand objects are starting to take over as the pinnacle of style – re-use, restore, recycle and definitely up-cycle – thus viridescence!

Whether it’s the story behind a driftwood-carved coffee table that was found in a second-hand store or the character conveyed by the crack formed in an old and loved wooden table, the charm of dated or out-moded furniture is putting up-cycling in first place. Because whilst furniture may be second-hand, they can be made to be sophisticated, elegant and “new” and they are without a doubt eco-friendly. Vintage and retro furniture is not simply a design statement it is a statement of intent and life-style.

Looking at the chairs that were lovingly up-cycled, you cannot believe that it is the same chair. A darkly stained mahogany chair with damaged dated fabric was sanded down and repainted in a soft gray wash and defined. It was further re-upholstered in a modern fabric and studded. And what a difference it has made to the chair! And the cost of the alteration was a fraction of a new chair.

At Anita’s Interiors we support this life-style initiative and action. Consider ramping up your eco-credentials and strive to live in a green, more sustainable and eco-friendly home.

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