Beauty in the Home

Beauty in the Home is so important. We spend so much time in our places of comfort, our homes, and for me it is my primary source of love, security, comfort and calm. I love coming home to my space. Many people think that beauty is opulence or luxury and they attach this to wealth and finance. For me, home beauty is about that special piece or item that means something to you, it has sentimental value and love – simply because YOU like it. 
Or it was gifted to you from a special someone. 
Or you really “could not afford it, but splashed out anyway”.
Or you have up-scaled a piece of furniture and now you love it. 
Or you have invested in something yourself – putting time and effort into it. 
That is true home beauty, and no-one can attach money to it. The interesting aspect about home beauty is that other people may not like it as much you do, but they always seem to feel and see the love put into your home. Which tells them about who you are. Not what you have. 
I encourage you to “shake-up” your home beauty. Bring out the hidden pieces, re-arrange your furniture, give the old items a clean, find that old beloved throw, and bring the, no – YOUR, beauty back into your home. 
Until next time, 
Ingrid Meyer.

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